Track Listing:

1. Computer Age (Push The Button)
2. Automan
3. I’m Not A Robot
4. Destination Earth (1999)
5. Jam On Revenge (The Wikki Wikki Song)
6. Jam On It
7. No More Runnin’
8. Jam On It (12 Inch Vocal)
9. Jam On It (12 Inch Instrumental)
10. No More Runnin’ (Original Studio Arrangement)




The Essential NEWCLEUS Collection

If you have been looking for the best and absolutely most authentic compilation of NEWCLEUS material, search no further! This is the FIRST compilation to have been selected and approved by the group themselves!

Produced and compiled by Cozmo D, “DESTINATION: EARTH” not only includes their definitive hits, but also abounds with rare and unreleased recordings and mixes that are not available anywhere else. The selections are placed chronologicly in the order in which they were written…with liner notes by Cozmo himself.

“DESTINATION: EARTH” contains such gems as “Destination Earth (1999)” with the original arrangement and vocal…never before released or available ANYWHERE! “Jam On It” is included complete with Chilly B’s entire rap verse and the entire 1st chorus…also never before released or available! “Jam On Revenge (The Wikki Wikki Song)” is included as well with ALL of the original vocals and as it was originally arranged…never before released on CD! “Why?” is included remixed entirely from the 12-track original with it’s beautiful jazz piano solo and strings intact. “Cyborg Dance” and “Teknology”, both of which were overlooked for Rhino’s “Jam On This! The Best Of Newcleus” compilation are included here, as well as the original and more Nu Skool version of “Jam On This (Old School’s Back In Session)”. Also included is the incredibly rare “Greedy Girls” by The Move, the acclaimed Newcleus co-written, performed and produced single that was also released on their home label Sunnyview Records.

No Ol Skool Hip-Hop or Electro collection is complete without “DESTINATION: EARTH”. What is more…ALL proceeds go directly to the actual, original and authentic NEWCLEUS, and bypass the long list of crooks, imposters and industry pimps that have waylaid the careers of this pioneering group from the 80’s right until this day!

So, place your order today…and JAM ON IT!