Much of the material that Newcleus had written and recorded before they landed a deal for “Jam-On’s Revenge” was Jazz oriented, and not particularly suited for the commercial market that the label wanted to market them to. Though all of the following songs were included on the same demo tape that Jam-On’s Revenge was on, and in fact were more highly featured, when Jam-On’s Revenge was chosen as the first single and the group’s direction these songs were set aside along with the Positive Messenger name.

These masters were also all recorded on the original Tascam Portastudio with no effects or reverb. The vocals were recorded with cheap headphones used as a microphone.

These MP3s were mastered from the same dub of a 2nd generation cassette that Cozmo’s friend Darrin Ross (RENNIE HARRIS PUREMOVEMENT) had been holding onto for 15 years. Again, please don’t expect anything near high, or even good quality, though once more we did what we could!

This song was envisioned as a kind of movie soundtrack for the moment that God ran Adam and Eve out of Eden. It is probably significant as far as Coz and Chilly’s production technique development goes as it was their first track using the Sequential Circuits Pro One and thus their first usage of arpeggiators.

Written right after “Wind Over Eden”, “Transitions” was actually laid on the same cassette master tape so that it would begin during the sustain of “Eden”‘s last note. It was by this point that Coz and Chilly had started using the Pro One for bass, thus freeing up the TB-303 to be used as a fully programmable arpeggiator and tone sequence. They would later use this technique to perfection on songs like “Jam On It”, over a decade before Acid House and Techno producers would first discover it. This song features an understated vocal by Cozmo and stellar guitar solos by Tony Barnett and Edgar Shaw.
This is the only Newcleus or Positive Messenger song that was written, programmed and recorded solely by Chilly B. Chilly did all of the drum programming, played bass of course, and played rhythm and lead guitar using a custom tuning to give the chords their unique sound. There was also a part 2 Reggae version of this that is unfortunately not included here and probably lost for all time.

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