In between the “Jam On Revenge” and “Space Is The Place” albums, Joe Webb had Chilly B and Cozmo D doing production for him on several other artists both for Sunnyview and his own independent ventures. Of course, Chilly and Coz got neither production credit or compensation for their efforts. Of these production efforts 3 were actually released, and we present them here for you as taken directly from the vinyl.


This was probably the earliest effort by Coz and Chilly to produce someone other than themselves. OGC grew out of the MC wing of the Old Gold Crew, a rival DJ and MC group to Cozmo’s Jam-On Productions. Though the rivalry back in the 70s had been quite heated at times, the actual personal relationships had not been. Charlie D was the immortal graffiti writer Tanko, and had served as a graf mentor of sorts to Coz and the other graffiti writing members of Jam-On. Reg Love was a longtime family friend to Jam-On DJ Dr. Freeze’s family. Group leader Kool Ice C was a longtime Jam-On nemesis who had rapped alongside Whodini, and would go on to as Lex Luv of The Move record Coz and Chilly’s first independent production and release “Greedy Girls”, and still works alongside Coz on many projects today. Money Mike on the other hand, would have the dubious distinction of becoming part of one of Joe Webb’s fake Newcleus groups.

This was released on one of Joe Webb’s personal labels Web Records and it’s highly doubtful that there are many copies at all floating around, so enjoy!



This song began life as an anti-drunk driving rap by Chilly B. Joe Webb really liked the idea but did not want to do it as a Newcleus record because he wanted to place it with some other record company rather than Sunnyview. Coz and Chilly offered to get longtime Jam-On MC and Cozmo’s friend since childhood MC Harmoney to do the track. Harmoney, now much better known as Al “T” McLaran, had always been known by Coz and the rest of Jam-On by his childhood nickname…”Tuga”.

Tuga was home on leave from the Army when they snatched him up, gave him a copy of the rhymes, and took him into the studio to record “Drunk Driving”. Written, arranged and played by Chilly and Coz with Lady E and Nique D singing the chorus and bridge, it was essentially a Newcleus track with Tuga doing the rhymes. Coz and Joe Webb also add some pretty funny skits complete with singing drunks and run over garbage cans.

This ended up being released by a subsidiary of MCA, and was supposedly considered for usage by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, but since most of the song seemed to be pretty tongue-in-cheek about such a serious subject, it’s no surprise that they chose Stevie Wonder’s “Don’t Drive Drunk” instead. Besides it WAS Stevie Wonder.


Drunk Driving

by Tuga | Camel/MCA 12" Single


This was recorded soon after the end of the first Fresh Fest. Joe Webb had managed to sign the Dynamic Breakers to a recording contract, and got Coz and Chilly to do a track for them. At first the idea was for Dynamic to do their own rapping, but that soon proved to be a bad idea, so Dynamic’s managers brought in a rap crew that they managed named Total Control to do the rhymes. Coz and Chilly did the track, and not only got no production credit or compensation, but were even cheated out of writer’s credit and royalties for it.This track was done for Sunnyview, and so had Jonathan Fearing doing the mix. It may be that this is the first time that Fearing tried out his strange practice of panning the dual lead vocals extreme left for one and extreme right for the other. Apparently he heard how it sounded and liked it, because he went on to do the same thing to every dual vocalist song on the Newcleus “Space Is The Place” album. Go figure.


by Dynamic Breakers | Sunnyview 12" Single

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