These demos were all recorded for the purpose of writing and/or arranging songs to be taken 24 Track. Because of this stereo imaging, fidelity, and vocal performances were not placed at a premium, as they were basically only for reference, arrangement and sounding-out purposes. They do however offer valuable insight into the arrangements that the group had in mind right before they took the songs into the studio.


This is the actual master that was used to write “Jam On It”, so it is the actual original version. Unlike the other Newcleus songs on the “Jam On Revenge” album, “Jam On It” was written right before it was laid 24 Track, and much of it was actually worked out in the studio. Since the song and track were brand new to the group when they went into the studio they actually are much more familiar with the final released version, and much of what was found on this tape had been forgotten.
This original features no Wikki-Wikki voices as they were ad-libbed live in the studio. Nique D and Lady E did the Superman rhyme, though it was just for reference as it was always planned that it would be done in Wikki-Wikki voices. Their singing parts are not included, though it is not remembered whether that is because they were not written yet when this was recorded or because the tracks were used instead for the pads. Speaking of which, those long forgotten pads that are under where the singing parts should be are missing from the released version and were probably removed by Jonathan Fearing. Also forgotten and missing from the released version is Chilly B’s rhythmic electric bass track, though it is not remembered whether it was actually ever recorded in the studio. Of course, the missing part of Chilly B’s rap and the first chorus, both of which were removed by Jonathan Fearing but replaced in the Definitive Version release are here as well. Finally, the entire last chorus is rapped by Cozmo D, as Chilly B had not learned his part yet. Quite a treasure!



This was put together as the group rearranged the song to record it for the album. They took out the long intro from the Positive Messenger version and the second solo after the break, added the girl’s “I’m no longer in control” chant to the break, shortened the vamp and added a short solo there. Fortunately, aside from some editing to shorten the track and a few obligatory drops Fearing did very little to alter the song from this version in the studio. However, he did remove the building string pads from the vamp.


Computer Age (Push The Button)

by Newcleus | Jam On Revenge


We’re not even sure if this is from a 4 track, but most likely it is. Unfortunately there are no vocals on it and only up to the end of the first verse is here, but this is all that we have found so far of the arrangement of “Space Bound” that was recorded for the “Space Is The Place” album. Originally a very early Positive Messenger song, maybe the 2nd or 3rd that Cozmo and Chilly ever wrote together, they had revamped it to be placed on the 2nd album. Sunnyview loved the track, and in fact thought it was the hottest thing on the album, but didn’t like the Christian lyrics and insisted that Cozmo re-write them. He refused and the song was dropped. Damn shame.

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