PMDAWN.NET Here’s where you can find all the lowdown you need on what’s goin on with Jam-On alumni PM Dawn. Tim Price’s site on anything and everything about Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. If you wanna know, this is the place! Plenty of info, dedicated web radio and an excellent forum.

Afrika Bambaataa and the Universal Zulu Nation. Act like ya know!


GlobalFunkRadio.Com…Funk, Jazz, Electro, Hip-Hop & Radical Beats…and a chatroom to chill in as you groove!

Excellent information database for all sorts of music and some pretty decent forums too!

The premium site online for Ol’ Skool Hip-Hop prior to 1986. Extensive information database and forums.

Great site for getting down to the real nitty-gritty of all aspects of DJ culture. Great info, interviews, forum and even some music downloads.

Perhaps the most respected Tru Skool Hip-Hop site on the web. You name it, you can find it here! Everything from politics to photos to interviews. They cover the full spectrum of Hip-Hop from it’s very beginning to the present on the global stage. Excellent forums as well.

Home domain of Reeno…Funk, Electro and Hip-Hop DJ Extaordinaire…and Jam-On pal as well.

Wu-International…Wu-Tang, Wu-Fam, all things Wu and Shaolin. Relatively new site with nice info and a growing Forum.

The premium site online for Ol’ Skool Electro and Electro based Hip-Hop. Extensive information database and forums.

Deeplay Music. DJ oriented House label based in Sweden. Home label for the Newcleus House remixes of “Destination Earth (1999)”.

Nice Hip-Hop site with very good news, reviews, store and forum. Host site for Apathy and the Demigodz’ forum.

Very nice Hip-Hop site, with just a touch of a Philladelphia flavor. Loads of reviews and some downloads and an excellent forum.

Dominance Electricity. DJ oriented Electro record label based in Germany, specializing in vinyl releases. Home label for the Newcleus 12″ release of the restored versions of “Destination Earth (1999)” and “Why?”.

More to come…