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Destination EarthÖÖ

Destination Earth , 1999 ,
Planet of my birth, just another phase in time
Time to take a ride to a future day,
I just wanna see if love will be the way
I just canít take it no more, ain't nothing to stay in this world for
Maybe by then we will see that unless we learn to live love we can never really be free

Time to take a trip to another age,
Turn the book of time to another page,
(You know) I canít take this world, full of pain and hate,
Maybe Iíll find love in a future date
I feel a void in my soul, filling it with love is my main goal
So since I canít do it here, Iím gonna see if I can find love somewhere in a future year

Destination Earth, 1999,
Planet of my birth, Just another phase in time,
Gonna take a ride in my time machine,
Maybe there Iíll see the answer to my dreams
And what Iím hoping to find there is a better world than we have here,
I hope Iím on the right track, 'cause if I find a world full of love you know I'm never gonna come back

Destination EarthÖÖ

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