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Jam-On Joint / FOR THE NEW JACKS!!!
« on: July 13, 2017, 03:18:18 PM »
Hey y'all, welcome to the forum!  I know many of you are here for the goodies. :)  Introduce yourselves and let us know who you are.  Once we are sure that you're a genuine Jam-On Productions fan and not a spammer or a bot, we will upgrade your membership, and ALL will be revealed!

Thanks for joining us!!!  :urock:

Jam-On News / Up From The Ashes!!!
« on: June 23, 2017, 03:00:57 AM »

Ok, finally restoring this forum to working order.  Plenty of changes coming to here, the main website and Facebook.  Stay tuned!  :wiggle:

Jam-On News / FINALLY!!!!!
« on: May 14, 2015, 09:47:47 PM »

Our 3 year, 3 month family ordeal is OVER!!!  We have a very positive conclusion and will now be getting back to MUSIC!!!

Look for this site to be completely revamped and redone very shortly!

 :woohoo: :cheers: :clap: :champ: :wiggle: :6: :buds:

Jam-On News / Almost There!
« on: February 24, 2013, 07:28:42 PM »

OK, that light at the end of the tunnel is shinning a bit more brightly now.  Finally.  The final legal hurdles to settling my mother’s affairs are within reach and should be accomplished within a month.  We are counting the minutes until we can finally exhale.

Unfortunately, all things creative including the new Newcleus album have remained on hold up until this point.  I have just not been able to find myself in that creative state of mind.  However, knowing that this long process is now finally drawing to a conclusion, I intend to once more make an attempt to dive back into the fray.  With any luck, by this time next month things will be once more in full swing.

In the meanwhile, things on the business end have progressed quite well.  Our issue of the Dream 2 Science EP was released on time in December digitally and on CD in January.  It is our inaugural release on our new Dizkotek Records label and the first new release from Jam-On Productions since 2007.  Look for it in the online store and in stores and digital download providers everywhere.  Our other pending releases have been temporarily put on hold pending the estate settlement but once that is reached and funding is once more available everything will be full steam ahead.  In fact, the Sha-Lor “I’m In Love” release is due to be mastered this week and sent out for digital distribution, with the CD to follow immediately upon the settlement.

Our releases on other labels are doing even better.  The Ben “Cozmo D” Cenac Presents Cozmic House EP release on Thug Records has burst out of the box like gangbusters, and is already being repressed!  It has earned some very nice reviews.  Rush Hour’s Dream 2 Science reissue continues to do well, and may be on as much as it’s 4th pressing!  It made the “2012 Reissue Of The Year” list on a number of sites.  The Sha-Lor reissue, also on Rush Hour, is doing nicely as well.

The Dizkotek Records Facebook page is now live and we are adding content.  Also soon to come will be the official Dizkotek Records website at  Cued up for release on Dizkotek is the Sha-Lor – “I’m In Love” CD single, the Newcleus – “Teknology” remix CD, the Ben “Cozmo D” Cenac Presents Cozmic House full compilation album, and The Breakniks – “Federation: Breaknik” album.  If all goes well we envision being able to release them all this spring.

As for Jam-On Recordings, the only release on the agenda is the Newcleus Featuring Cozmo D & The Jam-On Crew album, “Jam-On Returns”.  This remains my main priority and sole creative focus.  If all goes well, I am hopeful of an early to mid summer release.

Thank you all once again for bearing with us as we move through these trying and challenging times.  We cherish you all!


« on: October 31, 2012, 10:17:20 PM »

As I am writing this I am sitting in a dark (but thankfully not too cold) house riding out Hurricane Sandy.  The power has been out for hours and so all I have is what is left of my laptop battery.  It’s 3:18 AM but I can’t sleep, so I figure now is as good a time as any to get off an update.  I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to do this but as I reported in my last update it has been the worst year of my life, and it only got worse from then.

For those of you who did not hear, on July 10th we lost my mother, and like the straw that finally brings the camel down everything that I was doing came to a screeching halt.  You see, I had no brothers or sisters… or father, it was just me and her, though I had to share her with countless other people who needed and depended on her.  She was brilliant, and eccentric, and unique, and brilliant.  Yes, I meant to say brilliant twice.  Everything I am was shaped and forged by her.  In the end she was Grandma, a job that she really never relished, but once thrust upon her she undertook with her uniqueness and exemplarity of style and methodology.  There was no Grandma like her before or ever could be again.  Brilliant.  I will love and miss her forever.

So, needless to say, work on mixing the album halted right there.  I am still trying to get my mind back to that creative place.  Right now, we are also still knee deep in settling my mother’s affairs, so that does not help either.  However, all is not bleak.

In dealing with my mother’s passing, I have come to understand some truths.  Perhaps I knew them before, but now I believe that I finally, truly, understand them.  The first is this… Life is TOO short!  My mother was not ill and was only 76, and I took it for granted that she would be with us for quite some time to come.  Now I have many regrets to take her place.  Perhaps the largest of these, was the fact that her favorite music of mine, and MY favorite music of mine, my Jazz, had never been released.  This was due to the fact that for my entire career I had made up excuses about pursuing it, how Jazz wasn’t that popular and I wasn’t that good at it and I didn’t know how to market it.  Now I’m 53 and still sitting on it, and my mother will never get to see it published.  I will make no more excuses.  The next music that I work on after the Newcleus album will be my Jazz.

Another huge truth, that follows right behind “life is too short”, is that you shouldn’t waste your life pursuing things that do not fill you with joy.  What good is a life without joy?  So, I am no longer going to do tracks and projects that don’t make me feel good about what I’m doing.  Period.  I realize that at my age and station it is a bit easier to make that kind of decision than say, a much younger man with a family to raise and feed, but be that as it may, it is my life and I have to live it.  Everyone has their own walk to walk, and I have mine.  Look for this decision to play a MAJOR role in my music from this point forward.

So… here we are.  Let me get to the business side of this update.  First of all, God is Good!  Even through this hardest, darkest of years, I am Blessed! 

As for the news, first, the “Automan” single project has been scrapped.  I really wasn’t feeling it, I was putting it out for business purposes only and like I said, I’m not doing that anymore.  Instead, you all will get the new “Automan” on the new album, which is extraordinary! 

The Dream 2 Science EP release on Rush Hour Records was a smashing success!  Our release of it, complete with the extra remixes of “My Love Turns To Liquid”, will be the first release from our new Dizkotek Records label on digital in December and on CD in January. 

Speaking of which, Jam-On Productions finally has a physical distributor, Darla Records!  They are actually very enthusiastic about working with us!  Through them we well be doing CDs and (gasp) vinyl!!!  This is a long time dream come true!!!

Hitting the stores right now on Rush Hour and following soon on Dizkotek is the rerelease of the timeless House smash, Sha-Lor – “I’m In Love”, which contains a never before released instrumental!  The Dizkotek release will also contain the original remixes, including one that was never released by Philly’s #1 DJ, DJ Ran and super producer D-Ross!  Oh, and even a Drum & Bass remix by yours truly, heheheh… 

The Ben “Cozmo D” Cenac Presents Cozmic House compilation is being put together right now for release on Dizkotek in December on digital and January on CD!  All of the best Cozmo D produced House jams from the ‘80s and ‘90s all on one album!  Even juicier, Thug Records out of Australia is putting 4 unreleased gems from the compilation on a vinyl EP in December.  The Cellar Boyz – “Pay Me”, Bodywork – “Deeper And Deeper”, G4 – “Who Loves You” and Lady E – “Seems To Me” all get the floor rocking nod on this guaranteed smash vinyl release!  By the way, The Cellar Boyz are all of the original Jam-On DJs and the track was produced and arranged by myself and the immortal Chilly B in 1986!  Newcleus and the Jam-On Crew on a pioneering House track!  Not to be missed!!!

The Newcleus – “Teknology” remixes are in and they are SPECTACULAR!  Look for the best of them to be released along with the original on CD, digital and even vinyl!  Some absolutely fantastic remixes created by some of the best Electro and House producers on the planet!

And, finally, Newcleus Featuring Cozmo D & The Jam-On Crew – “Jam-On Returns”.  I plan to finally get back to mixing the album this week (if the power comes back on).  It only needs to be polished up and mixed now, everything else from distribution to pressing to marketing, is in place.  I think that it is appropriate that it should be our first release of the brand new year.  Again, I will not give a target date and will only post a release date once it is certain, but at this point that is what I would like to see.  That, and the backside of 2012.

Once again I want to thank every one of you for your unbelievable patience and for backing us up and supporting us through every twist and turn of the journey we have been on.  We truly have the best fans and supporters in the world.  I pray everyday that through my actions and my music that I can make you all happy and proud.


« on: July 11, 2012, 10:36:02 AM »

Just as I was preparing for a happy update... "Summer Of '79" is updated and completed and about 2 hours away from being mixed... tragedy strikes.

My mother, Mary Helena Binnom, the most brilliant and fascinating woman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, passed away yesterday, July 10th, 2012.

Things are now on hold as we settle her affairs.  Since I have never done anything like this before and I have to be in Brooklyn to do most of it, I have no idea how long this will take.

I am hoping that the next update will be much happier, but this year so far does not lead to much optimism for that.


Jam-On News / JAM-ON RETURNS!!!
« on: June 27, 2012, 08:19:45 PM »

The Sad, Sad Tale…

OK, let me first start by saying that this year, 2012, so far has been the most trying, difficult, stressful year of my entire adult life!

Saying that, allow me to recap.  November 15th of last year when I wrote my last update I had come up with what I had thought was the perfect plan.  I was going to give myself exactly 3 months to come up with the songs to finish the Newcleus album.  Failing that, I would simply release what I had as an EP, and for those who preordered the album I would couple it with the Cozmo D & The Jam-On Crew EP that I had been working on for years.  Simple stuff… brilliant plan!

As a great poet and songwriter once said… “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.”

November, and then December passed without me spending more than a few days in the studio, all without any results.  Then the holidays came along with their distractions.  “No worry,” I said, “I’ll just pick it up in January.”  Then in January I got sick.  Then, just as I was getting better, Lady E’s mother got sick and was back and forth to the hospital.  Since we now live in Pennsylvania and both of our mothers are still in Brooklyn we are constantly running back and forth.  Finally, it was February and not 1 new Newcleus song had even been started.  However, I had not given up on new material, and figured that since January had been lost due to illness I would extend the time rather than go to releasing the 2 EPs right away.

Then… 6:30 AM, the morning after Valentine’s Day… February 15th, my self-appointed deadline… our entire world was turned upside down!

Now, I am not going to explain what happened or go into any details whatsoever.  It is personal and private.  Only our closest family and friends know what happened.  But, it is devastating, tragic, and ongoing.  And expensive.  We are dealing with it still, will be for some time to come, and unless God really blesses us, likely we'll be dealing with it for the rest of our lives.  We ask for all of you that pray to keep us in your prayers, and you that don’t please send some positive thoughts and vibes our way.

Anyway, at that point paralysis set in.  I couldn’t even listen to music much less create any.  Both Lady E and I were in the depths of shock and depression.  I tried to keep the Jam-On The Groove show going, basically for our son Matt (DJ Dogtrane) who was probably suffering the most out of all of us, but my heart, mind and soul just weren’t in it.  This is the main reason why there hasn’t been a podcast in months.  I couldn’t bring myself to update the forum or the site because I just couldn’t deal with dwelling on it.  Plus I had no idea what I could say as an explanation, and had absolutely nothing positive to report.  

For the next couple of months or so we just wallowed in depression.  I basically put the Newcleus album (and all of my music) out of my mind for the most part, except for a couple of deals where people contacted me for licenses.  To compound things, in April I came down with an abdominal malady that is still lingering.  Then, my mother somehow injured her shoulder, which put her in excruciating pain that the doctors can’t seem to fix.  Back and forth to Brooklyn again.  Lady E also came down with her own recurring stomach issue.  2012 has been rough.  Very rough.


This is a happy update!  In fact, it is the happiest update that I have ever written!  For the first time in years I have clarity of vision and mission.  I now know exactly what I am doing with my music, and I am diving into it!

Here is what happened.  At the end of April, Rush Hour Records, a record distribution company out of The Netherlands, licensed and re-released the House EP that I put out in 1990, Dream 2 Science.  It was met with much praise and rave reviews, which blew me away!  Many of the things said in the reviews made me start to revisit the mindset that I had when I was writing and producing House music in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s.  It was the most freedom that I had enjoyed in my professional career, as for the first time I was doing exactly the kind of music that I wanted to in whatever manner that pleased me.  The only rule I was following was using a House beat, the music itself was right from my soul.  I wasn’t trying to please anyone but myself.

That was the kind of freedom we enjoyed when we were Positive Messenger, before we had a record deal, and that freedom ended up manifesting itself in the greatest Newcleus songs.  It was only on the 2nd album that we started kowtowing to what the record company people wanted.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Space Is The Place album, but we were driven by a different motivation for that project.  Jam On Revenge was populated mostly by Positive Messenger songs, which were written completely from our hearts and souls.  Only “Why” and “Teknology” from the 2nd album can carry that claim.

When I stopped doing House and went back to producing Rap and R&B artists in 1992, I lost track of that freedom.  My outlet for touching on it was when I worked on Jazz, but unfortunately I never tried to do anything with my Jazz stuff.  Most of my energy was directed towards producing Rap and R&B that sounded like the other crap out there, and it was a completely fruitless endeavor.  Then, when I started working on the new Newcleus album I made  the same mistake.  Instead of letting my heart dictate the music I narrowed my creative focus to a certain type of music.  No wonder it has taken me so long to finish, I have never really been that kind of artist.  The results have had much more in common with the 2nd album than the 1st, though I am quite happy with them.


Revisiting my House music mindset caused me to listen to many of my old House tracks again, and to re-feel that freedom that permeates throughout the music.  This in turn inspired me to want to create music again.  But, more importantly, it made me examine my current mindset in producing and releasing music.  I realized that I was putting myself in a box, instead of thinking and creating outside of it.  With Newcleus, I was making the mistake of constantly limiting my conception of what we are.  First I had decided that there would be no more Newcleus albums, then I had decided to do a remix album, then I had decided that Newcleus would be only Electro.  Even up until 2010 I had decided that there would be no more Newcleus Rap songs.  Can you imagine Newcleus without Rap?  I had.  I had imposed stupid rules on myself, stupid rules of my own making.

When I had finally decided to do new Newcleus material in 2006, I had made the decision to make all of the songs Electro, and release my new Hip-Hop and Funk tracks as Cozmo D & The Jam-On Crew.  Now, as I reexamined that decision and my entire professional career, I realized that I had seriously blundered.  Cozmo D & The Jam-On Crew IS Newcleus!  It has been from the very beginning!  When I created “Jam-On’s Revenge” in 1981, it wasn’t a Positive Messenger song, it was a Cozmo D & Jam-On song.  When we had decided to release that song first was also when we had decided to change our name to Newcleus.  But, what is more, we had also decided to release that record as Newcleus Featuring Cozmo & The Jam-On Production Crew.  We had been Cozmo D & Jam-On from the very beginning!  It was only when we had moved from May Hew Records to Sunnyview that Jam-On was removed, and not by our doing.

I now realize that by stripping Newcleus of the Jam-On element, by removing the Funk, Hip-Hop and fun, I was depriving the people who loved Newcleus of a huge proportion of what made us what we were.  Sure, I was still going to do it separately as Cozmo & Jam-On, but what people really loved was the entire package that was Newcleus.  I don’t think that I have ever met anyone who said that they loved “Computer Age” but didn’t like “Jam On It”, or that they loved “Automan” but didn’t care for “Jam On Revenge”.  “Automan” and “Computer Age” began life as Positive Messenger songs, while “Jam On It” and “Jam On Revenge” were clearly Jam-On Crew, but together they were Newcleus!  I was doing our fans… and ourselves, a disservice.  What is more, by dividing us into two different entities, what I was coming up with was two weaker products.  Pretty damn stupid.

With this new realization, I have made the decision to stop limiting my conception of Newcleus and to bring Cozmo D & The Jam-On Crew back into the mix.  I am restructuring and updating the Jam-On Crew songs “Summer Of ‘79” and “We Don’t Do Funk Anymore” and adding them to the new Newcleus album after neglecting them for years.

But, That Isn’t All…

While digging through my archive CDs, looking for unreleased House tracks that I had left over from the ‘90s, I came across the audio that I had transferred from the original Cozmo D & The Jam-On Crew album that we had started in 1990.  This was a project that I had envisioned during the height of my House era, with my mind free of music industry and self-imposed restrictions.  It was designed to be my answer to the impostor Newcleus group and to reclaim our legacy.  It was pure Funk with a Hip-Hop beat, complete with horns, bass and guitar.  It was deeply inspired by George Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic, just as “Jam On Revenge” had been.  The name of the album was “Jam-On Returns”.  

When I changed focus in ’92 this album had been put on the backburner.  After that, whenever I would think about it, though I really loved the tracks, I would come up with some lame reason for not working on it.  It was too ‘70s funkish, or it wasn’t Hip-Hop enough, or it wasn’t Electro enough…  Stupidity.  However, now with my mind once again free and unfettered of such foolish notions, I realized that these tracks deserved to see the light of day… as part of Newcleus!  After all, that was the very idea behind them, to be the next stage of the Newcleus genesis, even if under a different though very familiar name.  Now that we have reclaimed our name and legacy these songs should be the heralds of our victorious return to making new music.  

So, I found two of my favorites from the album, “Jam-On Returns (Been A Long Time Comin’)”, a metaphoric song about a certain former “producer” and his impostor group, and “Jam It On”, a “Jam On Revenge” type instrumental track with wikki-wikki vocals.  That gave me 11 songs for the album, which was great.  But 12 would be even better.  Then, on another CD I found the audio for “That Greatest Love”, a smooth and funky spiritual song of praise.  I took this as a sign, as both previous Newcleus albums contained spiritual songs, though Jonathan Fearing took almost all of the vocals out of “No More Runnin’”, and the record company made me change the lyric “Jesus” to “Abba” in “Why”.  This time, it is us who are calling the shots, and spirituality is at the very core of who we are.  So, there will be two spiritual songs on this album, “Returned To Earth” and “That Greatest Love”.  And considering how much God has blessed us, even through this darkest of years, it is more than appropriate.

So Here We Are!

I am very happy to finally announce that ALL of the songs for the new album are now chosen, written and almost completely recorded, so we are in the final stages.  Half of the songs are completely finished and just need to be mixed for the album.  Half of the rest either just need to be tweaked and/or a vocal re-laid, and then they will be ready to be mixed.  Only the 3 songs from the ‘90s have extensive work still to be done on them, as I have to install special software to extract the MIDI files from the old archived sequences, and then find new sounds for the parts.  The audio needs to be reconstructed as well, and some new vocals recorded.  Still, I don’t envision having to spend more than a week on each track.  All in all, I am dedicating this summer to finalizing the album for a fall release.  I will be starting in earnest from the moment I post this update.  I am suspending our Internet radio show Jam-On The Groove for all of July and August to free up even more time.  I have learned my lesson about announcing dates and deadlines, but I am completely confident that with all of the creative work put to bed we are finally looking at the endgame.

Jam-On Returns!

Also, for the 3rd and final time, we are changing the name of the album.  The name is now, appropriately, “Jam-On Returns”.  The name of the group is now and again Newcleus Featuring Cozmo D & The Jam-On Crew.  For the album cover we are going back to the comic book art style of the first two albums.  We have reclaimed our name and our legacy, and now we are reclaiming our identity.  We are back to who we are!

Other News…

For the first time in ages things are cooking here at Jam-On.  I am stimulated, motivated and inspired and looking to manifest that into many new releases.

Most likely the first up will be “Automan”.  In 1986 I went into Arthur Baker’s Shakedown Studios to record “Greedy Girls” by The Move.  While we were there, I procured the original 2 inch multi-track of “Automan”, and Dave Ogrin and I mixed it down using all of the original instruments and background vocals that Jonathan Fearing had omitted in the original release.  Dave also did a quick dub.  Both of these were recorded to digital beta tape, and subsequently forgotten.  In 2010 I bought a used beta machine and a digital converter and rediscovered these gems.  This year, I licensed the vocal version to City Beat Records for their Underground Electro 3 compilation album release.  I will release both versions along with the original and perhaps a remix or 2 as a single or EP.  Look for that in early July at the store, and available for download worldwide soon after that.

Next up will be our re-release of the Dream 2 Science EP.  You can get Rush Hour’s excellent re-release right now on vinyl, CD or as a download, but I plan to package ours with all of the remixes from the original release of the “My Love Turns To Liquid” single.  This release would be ready right now, but my DAT machine took a dump just when I went to transfer the remixes to the computer.  So, I am on the hunt for a new DAT machine.  This EP probably represents my best and most acclaimed work as a House producer, and it is generally well received even by Electro and Hip-Hop fans.  It expresses the same sonic and musical originality and freedom of creativity that the early Newcleus material did.  I am extremely proud of it, and think that most of you would love it.  Look for it in mid to late July, worldwide downloads soon after.

Also waiting on my DAT machine hunt is the Ben “Cozmo D” Cenac Presents: Cozmic House compilation album.  This will contain an assortment of my best House music productions, both released and unreleased.  They will stretch from “Pay Me” by the Cellar Boyz, produced by me and Chilly B in 1986 and featuring the Jam-On DJs as vocalists, to my Dream 2 Science Remix of “Destination Earth (1999)” by Newcleus that I did in 2006.  20 years worth of slammin’ Cozmo D House joints, all on one album.  Look for this one in the store in late July to mid August, with downloads to follow.

The next up will be a current project that I am really excited about!  While digging through my archives I unearthed the 12 track recording of “Teknology” by Newcleus.  Before we went into Sigma Sound Studios to record it on 24 track I had laid it down on the 12 track in our studio.  Years later I transferred it to digital, but I must have not gotten all the tracks because what I found is only 8 of the 12.  However, the only things that are missing are the drums and the samples.  Everything else that I have is identical to what was recorded on 24 track!  PERFECT for remixing!  So, I am now eagerly awaiting remixes from some of the best Electro and House producers in the world!  I am confident that the results will be spectacular!  If I get what I am hoping for, I plan to go the extra mile with this release.  I am envisioning a CD and digital download release of the very best remixes, and hopefully a vinyl release of the very best of those.  My optimum wish would be for enough dope remixes to come in to do 2 12-inch vinyl releases, one of the best Electro remixes and the other of the best House remixes.  So far, the samples I have heard of remixes in progress have been off the chain!  This project should be wrapped up and released in the store by mid August to early September, with digital downloads and hopefully vinyl soon to follow.

On The Horizon

Once the Newcleus album is ready for release I will start working on a new Dream 2 Science project.  Also, I will begin working again with my former business and production partner Gregg “G4” Fore (Buster Fhott) on a new Dance Advisory Commission project.  Also in the works will be finally completing my “Millennium Call” project, almost 15 years in the making.

In Closing…

In the 5 days that I have been working on this update we received an immense blessing!  I am full of confidence and drive with the knowledge that for the first time in 20 years… maybe for the first time in my recording career… I am moving in the right direction with the right motivation.  We are still smack dab in the middle of a very trying time, but our faith has never waned and right now I cannot ever recall feeling stronger.  Of course, I am still running Jam-On Productions basically as a 1-man show, which is far from easy.  But, y’all haven’t given up on me, God hasn’t given up on me, and I will NOT let you down!  Stay tuned, cause we ‘bout to come with it!


Jam-On News / BACK TO LIFE!!!
« on: November 16, 2011, 07:52:12 PM »

Yep, that’s right, Newcleus lives, though it kind of seemed like things were touch and go for a while there.  However, I am now back in the saddle and ready to bring things home.  Look for progress to become more and more evident with new music and new improvements to our online presence.
Let me also extend my sincerest apologies for the malaise that had overtaken us for the past few years.  Life is one hell of a challenge… sometimes no matter how much you may think that you’re up to it, it still has a way of beating you back.
Let me first attempt to bring you all up to speed.  I’m not quite sure how long it’s been since my last update but I know that it has been a very long time.  We have been working on the new album for much too long now, we began in 2005.  It started out originally as a massive remix project, but as the songs and ideas started to take on lives of their own we decided that it would be a new album project.  That is where things began to slow down, because unfortunately you can’t rush creativity.  Simultaneously, Newcleus began to enjoy a resurgence in popularity and traveling and shows began to chew up our time.  Still, things were progressing slowly yet steadily.
Then, in August of 2008 Lady E and I moved from Brooklyn to Pennsylvania.  Our new house had no studio like we had in Brooklyn, but we were quite confident that we would be able to have one built very soon.  Then, the following month came the big crash and the whole world went into recession.  Within a month after that our income had been cut in half and suddenly there were more important and dire things on our minds than the album.  Added to all that was the fact that neither Chilly B’s or my health was in top condition.  Chilly was dealing with Diabetes among other ailments, and my weight was taking a serious toll on me.
As 2008 ended and 2009 developed things got steadily worse.  I developed a mental malaise of sorts.  I don’t know if it was depression but suffice it to say it was not conducive to writing new songs.  I wrote 1 new song… “Programmed 4 L.O.V.E.” in 2009, which is included on the Street Sounds Nu Electro 1 compilation album.  I also started to seriously neglect our website, forum and updates.  For Chilly, things grew even worse as his health deteriorated, to the point that he went on dialysis in June of that year.  We were planning to work together to finish the album, but our conditions and the distance between us worked against us at every turn.  We had only 2 shows that entire year.
By 2010 I was not sleeping at night and not able to concentrate on much more than our economic situation.  Then, on February 23rd, the bottom dropped out.  Chilly B suffered a massive stroke and soon passed on.  Needless to say, finishing the album and my other Newcleus duties fell far from my mind.
I have 2 people who I must acknowledge at this point.
The first is a childhood friend, David Block, who I had become reacquainted with via Facebook.  In March, at the depths of my malaise, I had inadvertently turned to David for financial help.  David is both an accountant and a life coach, and both of his professions proved invaluable to me.  David helped me to get our financial situation in order, but even more importantly, he helped me to get back to the healthy optimistic mindset that had served me for my entire adult life.  My mental malaise, at least the destructive side of it, had ended.
The second, who some of you may know of, was Morgan Khan from Street Sounds in the UK.  In May Morgan cajoled me into doing a new track.  The result was “We Devolve”, which we did together with Donald D of the legendary B-Boys.  It is included on the Street Sounds Nu Electro 3 compilation album.
I was fighting out of my mental malaise, but with Chilly gone I just had no drive to finish the album.  I started contemplating scratching the project altogether, but we were so close that I just couldn’t bring myself to do that either.  I had done a small update of the site for Chilly’s passing but no more since.  In October 2010 we performed our first show without Chilly, but the drive to go on without him just was not there.  What is more, bad habits had now set in.  After 2 years of being outside of my old work routine I was finding it very hard to get it back.  I was just not getting it done.
It has now been a year since that point and things have gotten steadily better.  We have gotten a few more shows... not many, but enough to help rekindle that fire to get things done.  Once again I feel the pull to search out new sounds, beats, bass lines and melodies, and to express our existence in song.  Chilly is gone and we still miss him, but the songs must go on and new ones must be born.  I am happy to report that I am fully out of my mental malaise now and back to my optimistic, natural self.  Now there are only the lingering bad habits... those that have caused me to take weeks to get this very update done... but I am determined to overcome them and at the very least get back to my slow but deliberate, plodding but steady work ethics and habits.  Time to bring this baby to bed!
Moving forward...

First things first.  With Chilly B's passing we no longer feel that the album title "Returned To Earth" is appropriate.  After all, Chilly has now returned to the essence.  We have instead chosen the song that we plan to close the album with for the title... "Dreams In The Distance".  It's a song about the hope and changes that we all know is out there and that we have to make, but we instead stay on our destructive path and they fall further and further away.  Like "Computer Age" was in 1984, it is perfect for the dubious times that we live in now.
The new plan is to finish the album in 3 months... drop dead!  I have often lamented taking pre-orders because I could have given up, but now I am glad for the pressure.  My deadline therefore is now February 15th, 2012.  On that date I will stop all production and prepare for release whatever it is that is finished.  At this point it is in truth already an LP, longer than the "Jam On Revenge" and "Space Is The Place" albums, but I would release it in it's present form as an EP.  If I do end up releasing it as an EP for everyone who pre-ordered it I will bundle it with a Cozmo D & The Jam-On Crew EP that is waiting in the wings to be released.  This WILL be done in February!!!
Look for the regular updates to start again and continue, and for major changes to the website.  Please remember that I am doing all of this without any help, so try and throw me a little slack, but enough is enough, time to get crackalackin'!  Once again, thank you SO MUCH for all of your patience, it's been a long and sometimes painful ride.  Thank you especially to all of you who pre-ordered, and specially especially to those of you who are still holding on in hope and faith, and that is almost all of you!  I promise to come through in the end!  For those of you who just can't do it anymore, please contact me and ask for a refund.  No hard feelings or questions asked.
Thank YOU ALL so much!!!

Jam-On The Groove / Jam-On The Groove - Saturday, March 5th, 2011
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Jam-On The Groove - Saturday, March 5th, 2011

March 5th Podcast

We returned from our week off still smokin' from the Jam-On Reunion the previous week!

Dogtrane dove right into a set of classic Disco and did not disappoint! Loads of favorites rocked the hour to keep the booty rockin, the head noddin, the toes tappin and the fingers snappin!

I then followed with a solid hour plus of straight up Jazz... no chaser! Don't do it often, but this week I did the damm thang as I prepared for our following trip to red hot Miami! It scorches! Here's my playlist:

Pat Metheny Group - "Song For Bilbao"
Freddie Hubbard - "Red Clay"
Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes - "Footprints"
Herbie Hancock - "Actual Proof"
Phil Ranelin - "Vibes From The Tribe"
Jean-Luc Ponty - "Bowing-Bowing
Gary Burton, Chick Corea, Pat Metheny, Roy Haynes, Dave Holland - "Windows"
Dave Samuels - The Pilgrim


Here is the link to the podcast:

Jam-On The Groove / Jam-On The Groove - Saturday, February 19th, 2011
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Jam-On The Groove - Saturday, February 19th, 2011

February 19th Podcast

This week Dogtrane was in Brooklyn so I flew solo for the whole show. I had planned to do Disco, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to get into my favorite kind of groove for 2 hours. Think 3 words... Jazz... Funk... Fusion! Some emphasized more on the Jazz, some on the Funk, and a few on the Fusion. Even threw in one with a bit of Rock emphasis, and added 1 of my own unreleased tracks that is not available anywhere else at the moment, not even on our site! Here's my playlist:

Tropea - "Tambourine"
Bobbi Humphrey - "Harlem River Drive"
Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes - "Devika (Goddess)"
Earth Wind & Fire - "Runnin'"
Hugh Masekela - "The Boy's Doin' It"
Vince Vellas Cuban Collective People - "Always Criticize Us"
Dexter Wansel - "Life On Mars"
The Crusaders - "I Felt The Love"
Stevie Wonder - "Too High"
Deodato - "Super Strut"
Ben Cenac - "Serengeti Nights"
George Duke - "Another Way To Look At It"
4Hero - "Sophia"
Tal Wilkenfeld - "Oatmeal Bandage"
Galactic - "Crazy Horse Mongoose"
Quincy Jones Feat. Bill Cosby - "Hikky Burr"
Herbie Hancock - "Steppin' In It"
Lonnie Smith - "For The Love Of It"
Alphonse Mouson - "Golden Rainbows"
Johnny Hammond - "Fantasy"
Larry Willis - "Out Of The Coast"


Here is the link to the podcast:

Jam-On The Groove / Jam-On The Groove - Saturday, February 12th, 2011
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Jam-On The Groove - Saturday, February 12th, 2011

February 12th Podcast

This week Dog got his House groove on! Lots of classic House 4 on the floor pounding bass, complete with the prerequisite Dogtrane mix-up mash-up madness! If you're fiendin' for some classic '80's - '90's House music all night long, the Dog has the cure for what ails you in pure and rare form!

I follow that with a set of some more select jazzy funky grooves. I cover a few different styles and even throw in an unreleased Jazz Funk track of my own. Here's my playlist:

Ramsey Lewis - "Brazilica"
George Duke - "That's What She Said"
Ben Cenac - "She Said (Alright Outa Site)"
Steely Dan - "Peg"
Roy Ayers Ubiquity - "The Golden Rod"
Eumir Deodato Feat. Novecento & Billy Cobham - "Rule My World"
Ronny Jordan - "5/8 In Flow"
Landau Orchestra - "Conceptions"
Johnny Hammond - "Can't We Smile"
The Crusaders - "Sweet 'N' Sour"
Cameo - "The Sound Table"
Jill Scott Feat. 4Hero - "Gotta Get Up"


Here is the link to the podcast:

Jam-On The Groove / Jam-On The Groove - Saturday, February 5th, 2011
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Jam-On The Groove - Saturday, February 5th, 2011

February 5th Podcast

I was deep in a remix for Dr. Schmidt this week, so Dogtrane flew solo, though I did perform microphone duties. Of course it's a 2 hour mixed-up, mashed-up, sliced-up, funked-up hodgepodge of all types of genres, all thrown together Dogtrane style!


Here is the link to the podcast:

Jam-On The Groove / Jam-On The Groove - Saturday, January 29th, 2011
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Jam-On The Groove - Saturday, January 29th, 2011

January 29th Podcast

OK, finally, time to get this podcast thing cranking again! Gonna try to catch up with 4 today!

This week we returned after a 2 week hiatus. Dogtrane starts things off with some classic funky R&B and mashes it right up with some Hip-Hop. He keeps that vibe going, complete with some eclectic delirium mashed in of course, then finishes off nicely with some classic Disco! That Dogtrane thang!

I follow up with a set of jazzy funkiness. I think that will be my prevailing theme for 2011. Here's my playlist:

Grover Washington Jr. - "Hydra"
Incognito - "Can't Get Enough"
Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns - "Four Play"
Patrice Rushen - "The Look Of Love"
Fela Kuti & Afrika 70 - "Sorrow, Tears & Blood"
Roy Ayers Ubiquity - "A Tear To A Smile"
Groove Collective - "Drunken Master"
Pat Metheny Group - "The Girls Next Door"
4Hero - "Blank Cells"


Here is the link to the podcast:

Jam-On The Groove / Jam-On The Groove - Saturday, January 8th, 2011
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Jam-On The Groove - Saturday, January 8th, 2011

January 8th Podcast


After a 2 week hiatus we returned this week to officially ring in the New Year the Jam-On way!

Dogtrane sets things off with what he called his Housolution Ultimix, a groove packed funky megamix filled with floor-rockin' mashed-up madness! The Dog enters 2011 in dope stylee!

I then follow with a set that highlights some of the funkier stuff that I played in 2010, with a couple of goodies sprinkled in that I played on the show for the first time. Here's my playlist:

Artemis - "Jupiter In Taurus"
Ceder - "Amanha De Manha"
Lonnie Liston Smith - "Expansions"
Sly & The Family Stone - "If You Want Me To Stay"
Rufus Featuring Chakka Khan - "Stop On By"
Earth Wind & Fire - "Can't Hide Love"
Johnny Hammond - "Los Conquistadores Chocolates"
Jazzanova - "Another New Day"
Tower Of Power - "What Is Hip""
Cesar Mariano - "Fabrica"
Santana - "Yours Is The Light"


Here is the link to the podcast:

Jam-On The Groove / Jam-On The Groove - Saturday, December 18th, 2010
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Jam-On The Groove - Saturday, December 18th, 2010

December 18th Podcast

Dogtrane comes at us with an exceptional blend of mayhem this week. He starts things off with a bit of Christmas cheer, but then quickly gets down to the business of slicing and dicing. Mash-up city in the exquisite Dogtrane fashion! Nice!

I then follow with an all instrumental set, guaranteed to provoke mental exploration and soul exaltation. Great for the partake, take a sip and breathe deep! Here's my playlist:

Subject 13 - "Faith"
George Duke - "That's What She Said"
Roy Ayers Ubiquity - "Change Up The Groove"
Pat Metheny Group - "To The End Of The World"
Quincy Jones - "Gula Matari"
Zero 7 - "Look Up"
Earth Wind & Fire - "Power"


Here is the link to the podcast:

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