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Jam-On Joint / Jupiter 6. Im jealous.. ;)
« on: May 10, 2013, 04:25:12 AM »
Never knew there was a jam on it forum. I have listened to newcleus since the 80s (I'm 41).

Was on Youtube and was listening to some electro mixes. Listened to  a mix in where the first track was Automan! I have never heard of this track and I am quite the fan of Newcleus, so I googled it and finally made my way here.

This link,, has some very nice photographs of the old Jam on it Studio.

I ALWAYS KNEW you guys had a Jupiter!!!!!!!!!!! Even back then. I still dabble in music production--I have a Juno 60 (since the late 80s) and a DX7II FD (yup 80s) and I still use Glyph SCSI drives, patchbays, cables, MPC, etc.. :) Now I am mostly into film and television production.

I am simply amazed and blown away by this above linked version of Automan (especially the photos in the video) and just the original song itself. Is that a portamento in the song? Was it from the Jupiter or Juno? I have heard the original and instrumental as well and you cats were well ahead of your time back then. Your music is timeless.

I am sad I missed the pre order of your latest creation.

I plan to smoke over the archives on this site and learn even more about the wonderful crew known as Newcleus.

Cozmo, So much I always wanted to know about your crew--so many questions I would love to ask you...

Anyway, Thank you for letting me yap a bit. Been playing Automan for a couple hours straight. Awesome track...

Cozmo, that's you on the mic in the song, yeah? Look forward to hearing your Jazz...


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