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November 28, 2015, 03:58:35 PM
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written by Cozmo D | 983 Views | 10 Replies

Our 3 year, 3 month family ordeal is OVER!!!  We have a very positive conclusion and will now be getting back to MUSIC!!!

Look for this site to be completely revamped and redone very shortly!

 :woohoo: :cheers: :clap: :champ: :wiggle: :6: :buds:
written by B.frame | 1384 Views | 3 Replies
Hey, Cozmo! How about some performances in 2014? You got any coming up?
written by Cozmo D | 2871 Views | 5 Replies

OK, that light at the end of the tunnel is shinning a bit more brightly now.  Finally.  The final legal hurdles to settling my mother’s affairs are within reach and should be accomplished within a month.  We are counting the minutes until we can finally exhale.

Unfortunately, all things creative including the new Newcleus album have remained on hold up until this point.  I have just not been able to find myself in that creative state of mind.  However, knowing that this long process is now finally drawing to a conclusion, I intend to once more make an attempt to dive back into the fray.  With any luck, by this time next month things will be once more in full swing.

In the meanwhile, things on the business end have progressed quite well.  Our issue of the Dream 2 Science EP was released on time in December digitally and on CD in January.  It is our inaugural release on our new Dizkotek Records label and the first new release from Jam-On Productions since 2007.  Look for it in the jamonproductions.com online store and in stores and digital download providers everywhere.  Our other pending releases have been temporarily put on hold pending the estate settlement but once that is reached and funding is once more available everything will be full steam ahead.  In fact, the Sha-Lor “I’m In Love” release is due to be mastered this week and sent out for digital distribution, with the CD to follow immediately upon the settlement.

Our releases on other labels are doing even better.  The Ben “Cozmo D” Cenac Presents Cozmic House EP release on Thug Records has burst out of the box like gangbusters, and is already being repressed!  It has earned some very nice reviews.  Rush Hour’s Dream 2 Science reissue continues to do well, and may be on as much as it’s 4th pressing!  It made the “2012 Reissue Of The Year” list on a number of sites.  The Sha-Lor reissue, also on Rush Hour, is doing nicely as well.

The Dizkotek Records Facebook page is now live and we are adding content.  Also soon to come will be the official Dizkotek Records website at www.dizkotek.com.  Cued up for release on Dizkotek is the Sha-Lor – “I’m In Love” CD single, the Newcleus – “Teknology” remix CD, the Ben “Cozmo D” Cenac Presents Cozmic House full compilation album, and The Breakniks – “Federation: Breaknik” album.  If all goes well we envision being able to release them all this spring.

As for Jam-On Recordings, the only release on the agenda is the Newcleus Featuring Cozmo D & The Jam-On Crew album, “Jam-On Returns”.  This remains my main priority and sole creative focus.  If all goes well, I am hopeful of an early to mid summer release.

Thank you all once again for bearing with us as we move through these trying and challenging times.  We cherish you all!


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